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  NSMB2 is moving back to Kuribo64!
Posted on 08-07-17 04:25 PM Link | #1402
Well, I guess we all know that this place kinda failed.

The NSMB2 community is not large enough to have an entire board.
Tho we can continue NSMB2 hacking in the NSMB2 subforum at Kuribo64!

Go here:

The Sprite Database at Kuribo64 will also be reopened. It is a bit outdated so it would be great if you could help porting it.

See you all at Kuribo!
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  Featured Hack: New Super Mario Bros. Classic
Posted on 06-17-17 04:17 PM Link | #1096
Hi everyone, and I'm glad to announce one of the first real NSMB2 hacks, New Super Mario Bros. Classic, which has recently released a demo, which you can find here.

We all hope to hear from this team soon and wish them the best! :)

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  New Super Mario Bros. 2 Hacking Contest!
Posted on 06-08-17 02:27 AM Link | #905
Come check it out! :D
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  Attention superkingboo
Posted on 06-03-17 01:37 AM Link | #763
I hope you enjoyed your last few times spamming nonsense here for the last few days.

Well I hope you have fun knowing that I have fixed our weapon of mass destruction, so all of your posts and users will be vanished to nothing from now on.

I hope you enjoy your wasted time spamming this forum from now on.
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  Let's try this again.
Posted on 05-11-17 12:38 AM Link | #3
More issues are fixed, and more crap might happen but oh well.

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