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Posted on 06-11-17 10:34 PM (rev. 6 of 08-11-17 02:56 AM) Link | #997
Builds 0003 and newer are MSVC2017 64-bit Release. Other windows builds are MSVC2015 64-bit Release.

Newest Windows Build:
Build Date Revision
0004 8/10/2017 37f0612

Old Builds:
Build Date Revision
0003 7/30/2017 558e4bf
0002 7/8/2017 be8d28c
0001 6/11/2017 5406072


July 8 EDIT: New build! Adds coin circles, a new checkerboard grid, and small fixes for some sprites.

July 30 EDIT: New build! The background color in the level editor is now customizable.

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Posted on 06-12-17 01:09 AM Link | #1000

There are old builds on K64.

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Posted on 06-12-17 04:32 AM Link | #1001
I incidentally made a Linux build, but knowing the way Linux works, it'll only work on Arch-based distributions with all updates applied, unless all the other distributions will suddenly decide to provide bleeding edge software (aka, never).

A way around that would be to compile it on an outdated Linux Mint version, but I have no access to that for the moment.

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Posted on 07-30-17 05:19 PM Link | #1381
Posted new build.

I originally said I wouldn't make a build for just one small addition, but it's been a while and no edits have been made since then so I figured I might as well.

Posted on 08-11-17 02:58 AM Link | #1405
New build! Same as build 0003 except when you update spritedata it pulls from the database on Kuribo64, as the database here no longer exists.

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