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Posted on 06-17-17 05:55 AM Link | #1091
2014 was shit for me, because I was fucking stupid back then

Switch FC: SW-8551-1995-6790

Vanilla Lumina
Posted on 06-17-17 07:38 AM Link | #1093

No one was as retarded as me back in 2014...

All your coin are belong to us.

Posted on 06-17-17 08:55 PM Link | #1099
let me tell you a quote back from when i first registered on rvlution

"Hey skawo, for the next version of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii, can you add
Online Play
Level Editor"

so uh yeah i was stupid

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Posted on 06-17-17 11:20 PM Link | #1102
my first post was in 2007 asking how to open a .zip

Posted on 06-18-17 04:52 AM Link | #1108
Posted by Vanilla Lumina
No one was as retarded as me back in 2014...

Except for me.

Also, May 2017 was the worst month of my life, and that's when I had actual suicidal thoughts. Now, it has alliviated, but it still haunts me.

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Posted on 06-18-17 12:31 PM Link | #1110
My first ever forum post was made in 2003, no idea what I even said anymore, and where...
But at least nobody could understand me. (^p^)

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Posted on 06-19-17 04:32 PM Link | #1112
My first forum post on RVLution was in 2014, me asking skawo how I found a ROM of AnotherNSMBWii on the Internet while it was supposed to be illegal. :P
And nope, nobody has ever been as retarded as me when I was 10-13 years old.

Posted on 06-19-17 06:12 PM Link | #1113
Why don't we stop talking down to ourselves and start a new conversation?

Steam Sale is coming soon. I'm gonna get the Orange Box if it goes on sale, but if it doesn't then I'll just get Half Life 2, along with Episode One and Two.

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Posted on 06-19-17 06:40 PM Link | #1114
Steam sale, heh, No thanks I've already waisted enough money on those in the past.
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Posted on 06-20-17 04:05 AM Link | #1115
also remember when I lied about my age and nobody had any idea

good times

Switch FC: SW-8551-1995-6790

Posted on 06-20-17 04:13 AM (rev. 2 of 06-20-17 04:14 AM) Link | #1116

I might get Half-Life 2 so salty can finally play co-op with someone. I also have $279, I'm so close to the Switch. Speaking of Switch, firmware 3.0.0 came out today! It adds more customization features. So I changed up my avatar, how does it look?

Posted on 06-20-17 07:50 PM Link | #1120
Posted by Isaac
Half-Life 2

I thought you said Half-Life 3.
Back to the waiting game.

This post you just read was brought to you by Needle.

Posted on 06-20-17 10:22 PM Link | #1121
my dad got me a gaming keyboard and mouse so yayyyy

it's not mechanical but i love it, way better than my dell keyboard and mouse

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Posted on 06-21-17 08:24 AM Link | #1123
gee I should already be satisfied with my switch but I guess not

birthday is in a month so maybe i'll get some good shit

Switch FC: SW-8551-1995-6790

Posted on 06-22-17 02:46 AM Link | #1128
Best thing about SwitchOS 3.0.0: add friends from 3DS and Wii U
also Joy-Con finder

I can't wait for the Steam sale (even though I have no money to spend). Any games that any of you are planning to get? I'm hoping for 140, Flat Heros, and One More Line.

Vanilla Lumina
Posted on 06-22-17 05:12 AM (rev. 2 of 06-22-17 05:12 AM) Link | #1129

I'm hoping to get Sonic Mania when it comes out, it should run on the crappy Acer budget laptop, so yeah. ^^

It'd actually be the first PC game I've ever bought, too.

All your coin are belong to us.

Posted on 06-22-17 06:43 AM Link | #1131
Definitely going to get Half Life 2. Never really played it, and if my friends buy it we can play co op.

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Posted on 06-22-17 03:07 PM Link | #1133

I'm hoping Orange Box goes on sell, if not I'll just get Half Life 2 and some Sonic games.

Vanilla Lumina
Posted on 06-22-17 05:04 PM Link | #1134

Um, this is unrelated, but can someone ban MoonlightCapital here, it's an imposter account apparently.

All your coin are belong to us.

Posted on 06-22-17 05:07 PM Link | #1135
I already told TRS in DM's on Discord. Also, you need to show proof that its not an imposter. Here's logs from Vanilla's server.

[10:02 AM] Piuma Lumina: also, i'm not registering at nsmb2, because i don't want my IP range being spoofed
[10:02 AM] Vanilla Lumina: you did
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: you're the last person who registered
[10:03 AM] Piuma Lumina: really?
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: yeah
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: wait...
[10:03 AM] Piuma Lumina: NO
[10:03 AM] Piuma Lumina: I AM NOT THAT
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: OMG NO
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: .
[10:03 AM] Vanilla Lumina: UGH
[10:03 AM] Piuma Lumina: tell someone to ban the account
[10:04 AM] Vanilla Lumina: ok
[10:04 AM] Piuma Lumina: it's theninja

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