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Posted on 06-25-17 07:56 PM (rev. 2 of 06-25-17 07:58 PM) Link | #1164
I really miss the Checkboard grid from reggie next. It made level editing much easier, since you sometimes really have problems to see what tile you need to place with coinkillers grid, especially when you work longer on a level.

I love this grid, would be cool if someone could add it.

Here an image so that everyone knows what I'm talking about:


Posted on 06-26-17 06:46 PM Link | #1178
I was thinking about that when I added the grid.
Thing is QPainter was very slow when painting semitransparent shit back then. So I dropped the idea.

With newer Qt versions it became a lot faster. Might be worth a try to add it.
* RicBent looks at explos

Posted on 07-08-17 12:44 AM Link | #1277
Added in commit 007245b
Cool text or something | Youtube

Main - Implemented - [SUGGESTION] Checkboard Grid Thread closed

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