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Main - Trash Can - The Other Super Mario Bros 2 Thread closed

Posted on 05-17-17 03:23 AM (rev. 2 of 05-17-17 03:27 AM) Link | #231
You may know my currently banned accountc at Rhcafe

I'm here to announce as the leader of The OTHER team
The other team presents
The Other Super Mario Bros 2
it will come out a tad after The Other Super Mario Bros U

current team members:Nmbs2TheOther, ..

tosmb2 launches November 1st 2017
Tosmbu launches October 30 2017

Posted on 05-17-17 08:00 PM Link | #291
Ouh, my brain cells are dying

Posted on 05-17-17 08:07 PM Link | #293
Yep, this is obviously a thing that exists and is real and not fake and set up by us. Clearly.

(post deleted) #294

Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 05-17-17 08:10 PM Link | #296

Wow. The release is one day later than OtherSMBU. I like that.

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Posted on 05-17-17 08:24 PM Link | #298
Not the real other team btw.

Nella carne io sono uno, ma nello spirito, che sono e per sempre saranno sette.

Posted on 05-17-17 08:29 PM Link | #299
This isn't actually the leader of ThatOtherTeam, I am the leader of the team, though, not really a leader, we are more of a team, and we make our own choices on what the game should be like, but I am not too thrilled that you post something that is false about the game/team.

1. OSMB2, doesn't currently exist, but most likely will later on.
2. why the heck are you calling yourself the leader?
3. Your release date for OSMBU is completely off, pretty bad actually.

The Zombro 543
Posted on 05-17-17 08:52 PM Link | #305
Seems Fuckin' Legit.

Posted on 05-17-17 08:53 PM (rev. 2 of 05-17-17 08:53 PM) Link | #306
He actually posted a thread (with no interesting content whatsoever) about The Other Super Mario Bros U way before your hack even existed.
EDIT: ninja'd

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Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 05-17-17 08:54 PM Link | #307

So, Nmbs2TheOther isn't in the team. Then it's wrong to use a name of hack, that you don't own.

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Posted on 05-17-17 08:56 PM Link | #308
He had the idea of the name before Sierra and even posted it on RHcafe, even though it was trashed for having nothing in it.

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Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 05-17-17 09:07 PM Link | #310

My brain is a bit dead.

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Posted on 05-17-17 11:04 PM Link | #313
Um, I was talking with the leader of OSMBU, and he never mentioned anything about making OSMB2

Posted on 05-17-17 11:36 PM Link | #316
It's not supposed to be a OSMBU sequel.

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Posted on 05-18-17 12:09 AM Link | #318
So we've got an impersonator. Huh.

It's also kinda pathetic that the username stands for "New Mario Bros. Super 2: The Other".


"To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page." -Merlon, 2007

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Posted on 05-18-17 12:20 AM Link | #319
No, we haven't.

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Posted on 05-18-17 01:01 AM Link | #321
oh boy it's really hard to get rid of you, isn't it

Main - Trash Can - The Other Super Mario Bros 2 Thread closed

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