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Posted on 05-25-17 07:43 PM (rev. 2 of 05-28-17 07:26 AM) Link | #508
I feel like we needed one of these types of threads so the site doesn't get clogged up with one question threads.

So post your question here and someone from the board that is knows how to hack NSMB2 can come and answer your question!

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Vanilla Lumina
Posted on 05-28-17 06:10 AM Link | #580

What are some general precautions you can recommend before testing your levels so that there is a less likelihood of them crashing/glitching/etc? Just wondering, since this is a pretty good question.

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Posted on 06-11-17 01:13 AM Link | #982
Does anyone have a latest build of CK? Preferably one w/ the editable background values.

Qtcreator is being an an ass..

Posted on 06-11-17 06:26 AM Link | #986
You don't even need Qt Creator to compile it, having "qmake" and "make" installed is enough.
$ qmake "CONFIG+=test"
$ make
After these 2 commands, you'll have a binary waiting for you.


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Main - General Hacking - Help/question asking thread New reply

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