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dBase is one of the most basic classes. The only 2 classes that inherit this are the WorldMapActors and Actor. This class inherits fBase.


This class has no fields.

Virtual Methods[edit]

The dBase class has a total of 9 overwritten methods.


Calls ~Base().

int beforeCreate()[edit]

Calls the Area class onCreate, then compares the result that the method returns. If it is 0, it returns 0. If it is not 0, it returns 1.

void afterCreate(int)[edit]

Calls the Area class beforeExecute.

C++ Representation[edit]

This class has no fields in it.

class dBase : public fBase


	int beforeCreate();
	void afterCreate(int);
	int beforeExecute();
	void afterExecute(int);
	int beforeDraw();
	void afterDraw(int);
	int beforeDelete();
	void afterDelete(int);